Monday, August 12, 2013

Back from Vacation!

Well as the title of this post implies, I just returned home from a super fun weekend vacation! When my husband and I were on our honeymoon 5 years ago, we visited Chattanooga, TN. While there, we visited Rock City. We made a promise with the owner that day that we would visit again on our 5th anniversary.

Our anniversary was actually on July 25, so we were a couple of weeks off. Also, for this trip we decided that before we went to Chattanooga we would visit Georgia, specifically Atlanta. Neither Mr. Chance or I have visited Georgia before...which is kinda sad considering we live relatively close to it. Well, better late than never :)

While in Atlanta on Saturday, we visited Zoo Atlanta, IKEA, and the High Museum of Art to see the Girl with a Pearl Earring exhibit. I was very impressed with all of the places we visited, especially the High. If you ever have the chance to stop by and see it, I would highly recommend it! Obviously, we did not have enough time to visit Atlanta, but for the few places we did go, we had a blast!

BTW, Rock City was awesome again. I loved it when I was 7, I loved it 5 years ago and I loved it this time. We are now actually planning on going to back every 5 years.

It is hard to believe that school starts next week. School actually starts for me on Thursday. Although I would not mind a few more trips, I am super excited for school to start and found myself talking about it numerous times during our vacation. I can't wait to see everyone and get a fabulous year of art started!!!

As for my picture here....this was located outside of the reptile house at Zoo Atlanta. Had to share it with everyone :)

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