Sunday, October 26, 2014

Start of the Second Projects

It is hard to get my brain wrapped around the fact that it is already the end of October. This year is flying by! I walked into my art storage closet last week and noticed the stacks of art from every class in the school. It is nice to see...the hard work that students put in and the creative ideas that were produced. This is why I have been extremely excited about starting our second projects!

Most classes are starting their second projects, but I did want to mention that because of several days/holiday breaks coming up, my classes will not be on the same steps/schedule anymore. For example, because of the upcoming parent teacher conferences, my Thursday classes will now be a week behind. My Tuesday classes will also become a week behind after next week because of Election Day. I am going to try my best to keep you updated on everyone's progress!

Until then, here are updates from this past week...

Students are continuing to create their crayon resist paintings. I love how these are turning out and cannot wait to add the fringe to our faux "carpet" artworks during the next two weeks!

After choosing the majority of our materials for our mixed media chicken artworks, students this week began assembling their creations. We began by choosing our felt for the body. After finding the felt, students used fabric crayons to draw only the basic components of the body (head, neck, body, and wings). Students carefully cut out their body with scissors in preparation for gluing it to their background next week.
Because it took around 30 minutes for all students to pick out their felt, students participated in a fun drawing activity while they waited. Students were shown this picture...

This painting, by Ernest Lee, is called "Talking Chicken Heads". Students were asked to draw a picture of what they think the chickens are talking about. Here are a couple of things they came up with...

Students in the second grade spent this week discussing portraiture. Students looked at many different examples of portraits from throughout art history, looking at different clues that tell us more about the people pictured (such as facial expressions, color of the portrait, surroundings, and possessions). After a great discussion, students spent the last portion of the class period critiquing a portrait in small groups. I am very proud of how our discussions went! Great Job Mrs. R's and Mrs. W's class!!!

Students in third grade also began their new projects this week by discussing the Element of Art, value. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. We discussed how values are created through tints and shades (tints are a color + white and shades are a color + black) This creates a monochromatic color scheme. For their upcoming projects, students will be using value scales as a main element of their composition, so we practiced creating them this week using crayons.

Fourth grade students also started their second project by discussing the technique of collage, as well as the Element of Art, texture. Students learned that while creating their collages in the next couple of weeks, they will be using both types of texture, actual (how something actually feels when you touch it) and implied (how something looks like it would feel).
Because we still have a little bit more to talk about before students begin creating their collages, I told students that the subject matter of our collages will be birds. Students were asked to choose their favorite bird and begin thinking about how they wanted their collage to look (is their bird standing/flying/sitting...what color is their bird....what does its beak look like...)
Students will complete their planning next week and will be creating the first elements of their collages in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, October 17, 2014

2nd Cacti Still Life Paintings

Congrats to the 2nd grade on your finished paintings! 

Artworks are posted below by class...W, R, S. Some artworks from Mrs. S's, as well as Mrs. M's class will not be ready for a couple of weeks. Make sure to check back to see them!

3rd Five Senses Still Life Drawings

Congratulations to the 3rd grade on completing their still life drawings!

Artworks are posted below by class...H, K, P. Students' works from Mrs. A's class are not ready yet. Make sure to check back in a couple of weeks for their artworks.

4th Abstract Emotion Paintings

Congrats 4th grade on finishing your first project! They look fantastic!!!

Projects are in order by class...W, Mi, Mo

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Make Way for Finished Artworks

As the title of this post implies, this week was a finishing week. Most students came to the Art Room during the past several days to add finishing touches to their creations, as well as completing their first self-critiques and checklists. With the completion of all three components to our projects, we are now officially ready to begin our 2nd projects when we return from Fall Break!

I let all students in 2nd-4th grade know that my current plan is to photograph their artworks in the next few days and by the end of the week, post them for everyone to see. Please make sure to check back next weekend to see all of our wonderful works!

As for my update this week, it will be a little short since only the Kindergarten students and 1st were working on their 2nd projects. Here is what they were up to...

Kindergarten: Students began the second step of creating their paper "Line Carpets". After drawing bold, dark lines during our previous class, students spent this week creating a crayon resist. Based on the incompatibility of water and oil, when watercolor is applied over the heavily and darkly colored crayon, the wax in the crayon repels the watercolor, which instead adheres to the surface of the paper. To students, as well as honestly myself, it is magic! It is so fun to watch the watercolor bead up and roll off of the crayon! In addition, this fun technique allowed students to begin practicing proper and safe painting habits.

1st: With all of the once manilla-folders painted and dried, students used this week to add details to their backgrounds using a white crayon. Before students began, we discussed the importance of backgrounds, looking at several art examples to fuel our thoughts. In addition, students were asked to use their brain power to think about their design before their crayons were given to them. With plenty of inspiration, students created some awesome designs and ideas!

In addition to drawing our backgrounds, students began gathering materials to create their Ernest Lee inspired chickens after Fall Break. Students were able to choose the paper to create their beak, comb, wattle and feet, as well as feathers! Students will be choosing the fabric that will become their chicken's body and will be starting to assemble their chicken in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to see how these turn out!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Twas the Week Before Fall Break...

You can feel it in the air...the excitement for Fall Break. Students have been busily discussing where they will be going, what they will be doing and who they will be seeing. Many drawings have been created influenced by the excitement of our upcoming week off.

Yet, there are other reasons in the Art room for all of the excitement. Two grades have now completed their first project! You can see all of their wonderful artworks in the posts below. Three other grades are putting the last details on their artworks this week and will start working on their self-critiques. They will be starting their new projects when we return from break! I am proud of the work that students have done so far. I was happy to read some of their self-critiques this week and notice several great observations, as well as goals students have developed for our upcoming projects. They are really beginning to think "Art Smart"!

With that being said, here is this week's update...

Kindergarten: Students spent this past week learning about textiles. Students learned that textiles are not only all around us, but are important to our lives. Textiles are considered functional art, or art that can be used in everyday life, such as blankets, clothing, or rugs. After discussing textiles, students drew large lines on a 12x18" piece of construction paper. Students will be using this paper to create a faux carpets, complete with fringed edges!

1st: As discussed last week, students began a new project based on South Carolina artist, Ernest Lee (aka the Chicken Man). Since students will be creating a mixed media artwork using things like fabric, feathers, and scrapbook paper, construction paper would be too flimsy to use for their background. So instead, we are using pieces of manilla file folder. This week, we prepped our folders for decorating by painting them solidly with black tempera paint. It also made a great opportunity for students to practice basic painting techniques, such as using smooth, even brushstrokes and making sure that all of the paintbrush bristles stayed neat and flat (aka "Have a good hair day!")

2nd-4th: Students in grades 2nd-4th are all finishing their first projects this week. A majority of these students have actually already completed their artworks, but we will be double checking our creations, adding any final details this week. This will also be a time for students to complete self-critiques, check lists, and writing prompts.

During Fall Break, I will be photographing all of the completed artworks and will be posting them to share with all of you. Please make sure to check periodically during the week to see these finished artworks, as I will be adding them one grade at a time.