Sunday, October 6, 2013

Art and the Beach

As you will see in a few more sentences, this week was very busy for me in class. Because I was constantly running around this week, I don't have as many pictures as I typically do to share of our progress, but I will happily try to explain what we did. I also have a few extra things to share with you this week!

The K4 students moved on to warm vs. cool colors this week. They are creating a drawing of a swimming pool on a hot summer day. This week we drew and colored the sky using the warm colors (red, yellow, and orange).

The K5 students are wrapping up their ice cream cone artworks. This week, students cut out their primary and secondary colored scoops and glued them onto a long piece of black construction paper. After looking at them, I am considering adding a little something to the background...I haven't decided exactly what yet. I have a few different ideas which I will discuss with the K5 next week. Ultimately it is their artwork, so I would like them to decide the finishing touches.

The 1st grade participated in something that had mixed reviews this week. We tea stained their artworks. I explained to students that tea (like we drink) has a natural dye that will turn paper a beautiful brown. Some students were extremely excited to dunk their cave art into the tea, but others looked at me like I was crazy. They asked me over and over about the tea and how the tea worked like that. May of them asked me after they became more comfortable with the idea if we could drink the tea after we finished putting all of our papers in it! The were also very concerned that I had not put any sugar in the tea!

While we were tea staining our papers, the 1st grade created a border that their cave art will be placed on in the next couple of weeks after we finish everything up.

The 2nd grade was extremely busy this week. After drawing their chosen sketch on a larger scale on 9 x 12" paper, some students began tracing their design on a transparency using "black glue" or glue that has been mixed with acrylic paint. They did a fabulous job carefully tracing the lines and controlling the amount of glue that they used! Because I only had enough of this special glue for half of the class, the rest of the students will be tracing theirs next week.

The 3rd grade spent some time creating something to accompany their medallion. I gave students the option to paint either a section of a paper plate (which will become a necklace for their medallion) or to paint a piece of mat board to mount their medallion onto. Because of the metallic nature of our medallions, I gave students the choice of silver or gold paint. Due to the amount of paint that students used, we had to wait to let their items dry. We will be adding decorations and details to these objects next week.

The 4th grade had, probably, the busiest day this week. When students entered, they immediately started constructing the base layers of their project. Using aluminum foil, students wrapped mat board and newspaper to create their "canvas". Students then received a cartouche handout and began drawing their hieroglyphics inside. After they had successfully drawn their name, nickname or initials, students transferred their hieroglyphics to their canvas by tracing their drawing while it lay on top of the aluminum foil. With all of that work completed, I think that we will be able to start adding some color next week.

The 5th grade is still busy working on their Sumi-e landscapes. I think I may be able to share some finished ones next week!

The 6th grade finished coloring their vases with oil pastels as soon as they came into art. They spent the rest of class evenly applying a layer of black acrylic paint over their entire vase. Hopefully next week we will begin etching our designs.

As you can guess, Art Club is still working on our Romero Britto inspired paintings. I was telling them this past week, I am guessing that we have maybe another two or three weeks before they are finished. They are looking so awesome though! Some students this week began tracing some of their smaller details with black paint. So cool!

Other topics to share... First, most students have finished their transparency swirl that I discussed here during the first week of school. I got all but about 15 or so hung up on Friday. They make the hallway look so colorful and festive!

Last but not least, the beach. If you read my post last week, I shared that I would be going to Folly Beach this weekend, hence the reason I did not post anything yesterday. Well, it was a great trip again! The weather was beautiful...not a cloud in the sky and very little wind compared to what it normally is. What surprised Mr. Chance and I was how different it was than in the summer. The normal things, or what we considered to be normal, where not there. We typically look for large whelk shells and their was only one of these shells on the whole beach to be found. We have never ever seen a star fish there and this trip we saw about 30. We also saw an eagle, TWO horseshoe crabs, and the find of the trip...a SAND DOLLAR!!! Hooray!!! We had a great time and are trying to plan another trip in the spring! Here are some of our finds...

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