Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Smells Like Carrots

I'll start out this week by discussing what the 3rd grade did, which will explain the title of this post...

The 3rd grade this week started the decoupage process. The students were very excited about it, especially using a paintbrush to apply pieces of their da Vinci biography to their horse. After I demonstrated how to decoupage, as well as discussing a few tips and tricks, I began passing out supplies. This was the first time that I have used Mod Podge with this class. As I poured a small amount of Mod Podge into each table's bowl, I began hearing sniffs. Then one student yelled, "it smells like carrots". After a few moments, another student (who had been clearly thinking about the situation) exclaimed, "Oh no! Our art will smell like carrots!" I assured them that the smell would go away, and they merrily worked the remainder of class on decoupaging.

Anyway, to the rest of the updates...

K4: The K4 continued to work on the Pete the Cat collages. This week, we colored our Pete the Cats and glued them to our collages.

K5: Students finished their Blue Dog artworks. We will be completing our critiques next week and will be starting new artworks soon!

1st: As the 1st grade students arrived in Art on Tuesday, I demonstrated how to draw a portrait. A couple of weeks ago, I asked students to draw a self-portrait. They were very simplistic with many of the students forgetting to add details like noses or ears. After I demonstrated how to draw a portrait with students, they recreated their self-portrait. The results were amazing! So much detail! I am so proud!!! Below, I have included a before and after picture for two of my students.

2nd: The 2nd grade was introduced to the art of the Rococo period. They learned that art of this period was ornate, often asymmetrical in design, full of creamy, pastel-colors, and often included elements of gold. The most common type of artwork of the time was portraits, however landscapes were also popular, often depicting the leisure activities of the aristocrats. For our artworks (which we will start next week), we will be creating still life paintings.

4th: The 4th grade was introduced to the world of ceramics and Ming dynasty vases. We will be creating our own Ming style vases in the next few weeks using oil pastels and tempera paint.

5th: After reviewing our rose window project with students, this week, they worked on a small sketch of the front of their church. Students referenced the fronts of actual churches, as well as designed some of their own elements. I cannot wait to see these on the larger paper!!!

6th: Most of the 6th grade students finished their Greek vases this week. As soon as everyone finishes, I will post their completed projects! They are looking great!

Art Club: Students are working on two different projects this month. The first is a photograph inspired by the works of Christopher Boffoli and Slinkachu. Both artists use model train characters to create interesting photographs of how their characters interact with common everyday objects (Boffoli = food and Slinkachu = elements of the city). Our second project is going to be a mixed media artwork inspired by the works of Red Grooms. His work is inspired by his life in the city. Ours will also reflect this. However, we will be using craft foam and oil pastels for our artworks. This week, students created sketches of their ideas. Hopefully, I will have a lot of images to share next week!

On a side note, those of you wanting to see our Romero Britto paintings....the wait is almost over. Everyone has finished their artwork and I will be hanging the last few on Tuesday. I will make sure to take my camera with me. Look for pics next week!!!

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