Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome Back

It has been a full week since I returned to South Carolina from Kentucky. It already seems like Christmas was forever ago! It was odd getting back into the rhythm and swing of school (especially since we were delayed one morning because of the super cold temperatures!),  but I was very happy to see everyone and talk about travels, presents, and fun.

Despite a late start to school on Tuesday, I was able to see all 8 of my classes in addition to both groups of Art Club. Here's what we did this week...

K4: If you look a couple of posts back, we finished our beautiful oil pastel sunflowers. I was so happy how these turned out! Great Job and Good Listening K4!!!

K5: The K5 went back to work creating their oil pastel fruits. K5 students continued to focus on blending the oil pastels creating highlights and shadows.

1st: After finishing our photo booth portraits before Christmas, the 1st grade began studying American Realism this week. I explained to students that the focus of this period was to depict the real events of everyday life without exaggeration or stylizing. After students participated in a PowerPoint, students chose a favorite location for our project. Students spent the remainder of class sketching their ideas.

2nd: I am excited to announce that students have finished their Rococo Still Life Paintings!!! However, I am disappointed to announce that I cannot show them to you until some time next week. When I left school yesterday, it was coming a flood! I DID NOT want to bring those watercolor paintings outside only to get soaked. I have looked at the weather this afternoon and next week is looking much better. Hopefully, I will get those pictures posted Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek...

3rd: Similar to the K4, the 3rd also finished their project this week. If you look back a post or two you will see our horses inspired by the interests of Leonardo da Vinci.

4th: We are continuing work on our Ming Period inspired vases. Long story...will explain next week.

5th: Students in 5th grade also finished their artworks! You know the drill :)

6th: Students in 6th grade continued work this week on their Colonial weather vanes. Due to limited time last art class, students this week are still cutting out their design and assembling the base of their vane. We will begin to decoupage them next week.

Art Club: First and foremost, we got our tee shirts this week! They look great :) We are continuing to work on our photos and cities. There are 3 students that need to finish their photos and 4 students need to finish their cities...then the grand reveal!!! Here's another sneak peek at our work...

On next week's post, I will also be sharing with you entries from this year's Art Fair. Students were asked to choose one artwork and research it. They will be turning in their displays this coming Thursday...cannot wait!!!

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