Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taking Care of Business

We are getting a lot taken care of in the Art Room! It is amazing to see how much we can accomplish in one week. Here's what we have been up to...

We are putting the last touches on our faux "Line Carpets". Last week, students practiced using scissors to cut fringe for their artworks. This week and into next, kindergarten students will be attaching the fringe to their paintings. Mrs. B's class was able to assemble their carpets on Friday. It was great seeing their excitement as their paintings transformed into what they dubbed "magic flying carpets"!

First graders just finished their Mixed Media Chickens!!! I cannot wait to share them with you! They are wonderful!!!

This week, the second grade students practiced creating their self-portraits. Students carefully study their facial features and then tried to draw exactly what they saw in the mirror. Next week, I will be sharing some tips and tricks with students on drawing self-portraits before we create our collages.

Third grade students began creating value scales this week using tempera paint. Students began with one color and created tints and shades by adding either white or black. Students will be continuing to make at least three more value scales next week.

Fourth grade students spent this past week researching the bird they decided to use as the subject of their bird collage. I was very happy with how this went! Students had to study the physical characteristics of their bird (color, types of feathers, beak, legs...), but also researched habitat and diet. On the back of their research paper, students were asked to sketch ideas for their collage. I am really excited about what students have shown me so far.

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