Sunday, December 14, 2014

Strange Schedule Week 2

This week, I did not get to see several of my classes in the Art Room. We, of course, had music program practice this week for the 2nd graders (Congrats on a wonderful performance kiddos!!!). We also had testing on Wednesday and an awesome assembly on Tuesday.

Very much like last week, the students that did receive an opportunity to come to Art and work did a wonderful job! Here's what happened this week...

Many students have now completed putting the basic components of their backgrounds together...the "sand" and the "water". A couple of classes this week moved on to the next step, adding the top and bottom of the "tank" and adding their plants. I cannot wait until we add our fish next class!

While most first grade classes just started painting this week, some students in the classes that are a little ahead finished their third project! I am only going to share a few of these with you for now. Check back after Christmas Break for everyone's wonderful paintings :)

Because of music program practice, I did not see the 2nd graders this week. Again, CONGRATS! on a wonderful musical! I'm a very proud Art teacher :)

Many of the third graders started assembling their artworks this week. Much of class was spent organizing all of the different components, transforming our value scales into buildings and deciding how the value scale buildings needed to be arranged on the background. Many students did not get to glue anything yet. Luckily, I will be able to see most of my third grade classes next week, so check back to see some awesome cityscapes!

Only one of my fourth grade classes came to Art this week. They continued working on their collages, and participated in a progress critique to talk about how things are going. As promised, I took lots of pictures to share with you this week.

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