Sunday, November 23, 2014

Strange Schedule on the Way

This week, I spent the beginning of most of my classes reviewing the calendar for the next month. I wanted to show students that, for some grades, they may only have two more Art classes before Christmas Break begins on December 20th. Yes, two classes! It's hard to believe. We have a ton of events coming up, starting with Thanksgiving Break next week.

So, with this full week before Thanksgiving behind us...what did we do?

After finishing our "Line Carpets" last week, students have moved on to a new Element of Art...shape! Students began class by looking at several examples of how shapes are used in famous and well-known artworks, including several by Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. Before we moved onto our discussion of shapes, I wanted to see what students knew. Students followed step-by-step directions, coloring different shapes to see if they could identify them. These shapes included hearts, rectangles, squares, stars, triangles, and circles. They did a great job and breezed through our discussion! I know they are ready to start creating our project next week :)

Additionally, kindergarten students started new centers this week based on shapes. For our first center, students are using stencils to create a number of shapes and images.

In the second center, students will be exploring cube blocks. Students are using these blocks to create shapes (like the triangle below), as well as arranging them into different architectural designs.

Lastly, students are using connectable foam shapes to explore engineering. Many students are building objects like flowers, bridges, towers, and roads.

First grade students are also beginning a new project this week by learning about the primary colors. Students began by exploring the term "family" and comparing their own family to color families in the Art world. After learning about the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and understanding that these colors are used to create all of the other colors in the world, students acted as scientists hypothesizing the outcomes of mixing primary colors together. It was a really fun week! Students will be using this knowledge next week as we begin creating our abstract circle designs.

After creating their backgrounds last week, students were ready to begin creating their portraits. To start our portraits, students and I worked together to create the head and hair. Students began by drawing and cutting out a large oval for their head. Afterwards, students drew and cut out their hair. We concluded class by gluing these two elements to our backgrounds.

Third grade students continued to work on painting their value scales for our cityscapes. We will be sketching elements for our cities next week and will be putting everything together soon.

As promised last week, I have taken several photos of students creating both their backgrounds and their birds. I love how these are turning out so far! Students have developed some awesome ideas!!! We will be continuing to work on these for the next several weeks.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moving Right Along

Things are moving right along as we get closer to the holiday season. I have stressed to students during the last few weeks that because of everything coming up, it will be really important to do their best as they work on their projects....and boy have they! The kindergarten and 1st graders have finished up their second projects and will be starting their third this upcoming week, and the 2nd-4th have finished the planning stages of their artworks and are finally beginning to create their second project.

Here's how things are looking...

Because of the immense difficulty to take a good photograph of these projects, I have chosen only a few of the finished artworks to share with you instead of all students' work. These photographs really don't do the artworks justice. I can't wait for everyone to see these at the Art Show in April!

See my post below to view all of the finished Mixed Media Chickens! Awesome!

This week, students worked on creating their backgrounds. Students started by using scissors to cut a zig-zag border around a piece of construction paper. They then glued this to a piece of black construction paper. Lastly, students applied a smaller piece of colored construction paper in the center of these papers. With this complete, students are now ready to begin working on creating and applying their self-portrait next week.

Third grade students are continuing to work on creating value scales using tempera paint. They are looking good!

Fourth grade students have started working on their backgrounds as well. Funny thing is, I don't have any to show. I was so excited about how they were looking and so busy helping students sort through ideas and executing them, I never took any photos. Don't worry week will be photo heavy with lots of awesome bird artworks :)

1st Grade Mixed Media Chickens

Love, love, love these!!! 1st grade students used a variety of materials (felt, construction paper, scrapbook paper, feathers, tempera paint, and manila folders) to create these awesome chickens inspired by the works of Ernest Lee, a.k.a. "The Chicken Man". Congrats 1st grade!!!

The photos below are organized by class...Mrs. A, Mrs. Bo, Mrs. Bl, and Ms. J.

Some Long Awaited Photos

My apologies on this one. Mrs. M's class (2nd) and Mrs. A's class (3rd) finished up their first project a couple of weeks ago. They are apart of my Monday group that is a few weeks behind everyone else. I realized as they were working this week, that I had not shared pictures of their finished artworks with you. Great job everyone!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ms. J's 1st Grade Finished Portraits

Ms. J's class recently finished their Self-Portraits! Congrats!!!

Taking Care of Business

We are getting a lot taken care of in the Art Room! It is amazing to see how much we can accomplish in one week. Here's what we have been up to...

We are putting the last touches on our faux "Line Carpets". Last week, students practiced using scissors to cut fringe for their artworks. This week and into next, kindergarten students will be attaching the fringe to their paintings. Mrs. B's class was able to assemble their carpets on Friday. It was great seeing their excitement as their paintings transformed into what they dubbed "magic flying carpets"!

First graders just finished their Mixed Media Chickens!!! I cannot wait to share them with you! They are wonderful!!!

This week, the second grade students practiced creating their self-portraits. Students carefully study their facial features and then tried to draw exactly what they saw in the mirror. Next week, I will be sharing some tips and tricks with students on drawing self-portraits before we create our collages.

Third grade students began creating value scales this week using tempera paint. Students began with one color and created tints and shades by adding either white or black. Students will be continuing to make at least three more value scales next week.

Fourth grade students spent this past week researching the bird they decided to use as the subject of their bird collage. I was very happy with how this went! Students had to study the physical characteristics of their bird (color, types of feathers, beak, legs...), but also researched habitat and diet. On the back of their research paper, students were asked to sketch ideas for their collage. I am really excited about what students have shown me so far.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Excitement is Building

As I discussed last week, a majority of students are now starting their second art project of the year. Students have been spending much of their last two art classes gathering inspiration for their artwork and their excitement cannot be contained! They cannot wait to get our materials out and start! Despite how badly I am ready to start creating these projects as well, I have stressed to students the importance of planning and preparation.

So what exactly have we been up to? Well, see below to find out...

Students in kindergarten are continuing to work on their faux "Line Carpets". After painting them last week, students spent this week practicing their scissor skills to create fringe for both sides of their artwork. Students were given two pieces of paper, both of which had a bold horizontal line drawn toward the top edge. Students were asked to start at the bottom of their paper and then cut all the way to the black line...then stop! By cutting to the black line and not past, it created two perfect sets of fringe ready for their carpet!

Students have spent the last two class periods preparing for the assembly of their chicken artworks and after much waiting, the class finally arrived where they put their chicken artworks together! Students began by placing the felt chicken body on their background. This was followed by the paper comb, beak, wattle, and legs. As finishing touches, students added an eye and feathers. I love how these have turned out!!! Can't wait to share all of them when they are finished!!!

After last week's discussion on portraiture, students spent this week exploring the work of artist Burton Morris. Known for his Pop Art pieces, his work displays everyday objects and events, as well as things from popular culture in his very distinctive and bold style.

For our projects, students will use characteristics of Morris' style to create a self-portrait or a picture of themselves. Here is the example I created to show students...

After discussing value last week, students explored the art of Shawn Huckins during Art this week. Last summer I stumbled upon numerous examples of paint chips (like the ones found at hardware stores) used to create art, in particular used as buildings for cityscapes. After I came across the work of Shawn Huckins, who is most know for his "Paint Chip Series", I knew this would be a perfect way to explore value! However, instead of using actual paint chips, like many projects I came across, I am asking students to create their own paint chip value scales, which we will begin next week! Below is an awesome pic of Huckins and his work, as well as the example of our project that I showed students...

Much like the 2nd and 3rd grade, 4th grade spent last week in discussion. We focused on collage and texture. This week, students explored how birds have been used as a common subject matter in Art throughout Art History. After looking at a variety of examples, we looked at several sculptures created by Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg.

Inspired by the numerous artworks we analyzed, students began planning for their own bird collages. The goal for this past class was to decide on which bird students will use as the subject matter for their artwork. Next week, we will be researching our birds, in order to create an accurate image through the physical traits of their bird, its behavior and its habitat. Again, here is the example I showed students to get their ideas flowing...