Saturday, October 27, 2012

Look at what we did!!!

Great Job Art Club!!!! I recently visited our newly displayed art and I am soooooooo proud! The artworks look so good grouped together in one big Picasso inspired display. Keep up the great work!
*Thank you so much to the individual that created the display for us!!!

I was also very impressed by our artworks that we created for the Appreciation Dinner! Everyone did a great job creating their idea, incorporating the elements of art and writing a wonderful "thank you" message. Our "helping hands" looked fantastic displayed on the tables for the dinner :)
*Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that set up this dinner! I am so glad that my art classes were able to help!
I also wanted to share what I have been up to. You may have noticed that I have not included anything about art classes this week. Well, that is because I was attending the South Carolina Art Education Association's annual conference in Myrtle Beach. I had a wonderful time and have so many great ideas that I can't wait to share with students! Below, I have include a sneak peek of what I worked on during the last couple of days...

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  1. Great display, I especially like the pictures hung around the door :) A truly authentic audience for your students, they must feel so proud!