Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happenings of the Week

What a busy week the art room has seen! As I mentioned last week, the next couple of posts will be what all of the different grades are doing. This week...the 1st and 2nd!

The first grade has recently started learning about Jasper Johns. As I mentioned last week in my clue, he attended the University of South Carolina for three semesters, which the 1st graders thought was really cool :) Since we are currently exploring the relationship between art and math, we looked at John's artworks that involved numbers. The 1st graders thought it was really interesting how some of the numbers were camouflaged with the background, while other numbers in some pieces were viewed upside-down. They found it interesting to look at something that we see everyday in a new way! Inspired by his artworks, the 1st grade will be creating their own number paintings, using foam numbers and acrylics. This week they chose their numbers (as seen below).

The 2nd graders also learned about an artist recently. It was Andy Warhol! Students viewed many of his artworks, including his early shoe advertisements, as well as many pieces he is well known for such as his celebrity portraits. However, we focused mainly on his Campbell's Soup cans. Students instantly recognize the cans are cylinders, connecting it to math as well as the element of art, form. For this project, students are creating their own soup. Students this week began painting their cans and labels.

I also wanted to share the progress of the Art Club collages. Students have really worked hard over the last couple of weeks and have really accomplished a lot. Below is a look at how they are progressing...

As promised, next week I will post a few pics showing you what the 3rd and 4th graders are up to. Although I do not have a very good clue for the 4th grade project, I will show you a picture clue for what the 3rd grade is doing :)


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  1. This is so cool! We used to live down the street from where Jasper Johns lived in NYC, on the Upper East Side (although we lived there after he was already gone) and I always mentioned it to people. A remarkable number of people had never heard of him, so I'm glad the Bomber is learning about him from you!