Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time for updates!

This has been a crazy week at school with all the coughing and flu cooties going around! Hopefully the weekend and our upcoming break will be good for everyone and we will all feel a lot better the next time Art class comes around!

Anyway, this week I promised to show what the 3rd and 4th grades are up to. Starting with the 3rd...

Tangrams Collages!!!

Tangrams are a dissection puzzle or transformation puzzle that originated in China. Using all 7 geometric shapes (2 large triangles, 2 small triangles, 1 medium triangle, a parallelogram, and a square) the objective is to create a specific shape, in the 3rd grades' case it is animals. Students started by creating the shapes out of construction paper. They then practiced creating several different animals. After choosing their favorite, students created the sky and the ground for their collage. This week, students have added their tangram animal and have began creating details. Below are a few that are close to being finished...

Sadly, I don't have images to show you what the fourth grade is working on. This week, I only had two students come to class...the rest were either resting in their classroom or out sick :( Since so many students were gone, I decided a free paint day was in order.

However, the 4th grade is currently working on a radial balance name design. After we come back from Thanksgiving, I will post pics and a better explanation of that project. They are all off to a great start though!

Next week, I will be gone to Benton, Kentucky to visit all of my family! I can't wait! As soon as I return, I will post what the 6th grade has been up to. Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!!!

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