Saturday, February 9, 2013

I love art!

It makes me so happy to hear a student tell me that they love art. This week, I have heard it so many times! I am so glad that everyone is really enjoying making their projects and that they are interested in the things that we are talking about :)

This week, the art room has seemed like a mini museum with all of the projects being worked on and completed. Each grade is working with a different medium and I am quickly running out of room for all of the projects (which makes me very happy to see!) So, here is what everyone is working on...

The K4 and K5 students just started their Texture Pizzas! After reading the book "Little Nino's Pizzeria" (Karen Barbour) for inspiration, students began talking about what the different elements of a pizza would feel like, including the rough crust, the gooey cheese, and the soft mushrooms. After our discussion, students began creating their crust and sauce. It made me laugh a little to see all of the "pizzas" on my drying rack. I felt like I was running a pizzeria :)

The 1st graders finished up their Jasper Johns inspired number artworks (pictures coming soon). As students were finishing, I had them work on a "journal entry" in their sketchbooks to get them thinking about our next project. Hmm...I wonder what our next project is about?

The 2nd grade are almost finished painting their fictional clay animals. This week, many students started painting their fictional animal's habitat using acrylic paints.

The 3rd graders are also painting, however they are using watercolors. They have been busy working on their animal observation paintings. Most of them finished this week, but due to several people being absent (hope they feel better!), I will not be posting the completed artworks' pictures for a couple of weeks.

 The 4th grade is also finishing up the first part of their art/science project. This week, they added details to the felt food using acrylic paints.

Sadly, I didn't get a chance this week to take pictures during the 5th grade class. We were super busy! Some of the students worked on finishing their collages, some students worked on making stamps, while other students practiced printing with their stamps. I can tell you, their projects are looking fantastic! They have really explored each of the mediums and are doing some really creative things with them :)

The 6th grade students will be hosting and participating in a talent show this next weekend to raise money for their trip to Washington D.C. next month. This week, the 6th grade students and I created artworks that will be for sale during the talent show. All of the proceeds will help fund their trip. Students picked an inspirational quote, most of them coming from past US presidents. Next, students created their quote on canvas using scrapbook stickers. Students then covered their entire canvas with a patriotic design created with acrylic paints. Students will be removing the scrapbook letters on Monday. The stickers acted as a resist and once students remove the stickers, they will uncover the white letters underneath.

Lastly, the Art Club (both Littles and Bigs) are finishing their wire sculptures. They are looking sooo cool!

So, you may have noticed a trend while reading this post. I think I mentioned the word "finish" numerous times :) That means I will be posting all of the finished artworks very soon. Sadly, I will not be at school next week, but as soon as I return I will be taking pictures of everyone's awesome creations to share!

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