Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is art your thing?

When the K5 boys were finishing up art class for the day on Thursday, one of my students asked me if art was my "thing". I replied that I love art and yes, you could call it my "thing". He then went on to ask me if art had always been my thing. I replied, "Yes, I have done art with my mom and grandma since I was little and I have always enjoyed it." I told him that music was also my thing, that I can play several different instruments. He then looked at me, thought for a moment, and said "well singin' is my thing". I am glad that he shared this with the class and me. It lead to a very interesting discussion about the different things that everyone enjoyed.

The art room was busy again this week. The K4/K5 students are still working on their Texture Pizzas. This week, we added the cheese using pieces of felt.

The 1st grade students are beginning their Art/Science projects. Similar to what I discussed with the 3rd grade students, the 1st grade students learned that scientists and artists both use observation to learn. Students put their observation skills to the test by carefully observing a leaf. Students then practiced drawing their leaf. I was very proud! None of the 1st grade students complained that they "couldn't do it" or that it was "too hard". Everyone tried their best and did a fantastic job!

The 4th grade students also ventured into new territory this week. For the second part of their Felt Food project, students will be creating advertisements for their food. This week, I asked students to critique a few advertisements that I found in magazines. I asked students to tell me who the advertisements were for, what the advertisement is trying to sell, what is unique about the advertisement, and their opinion of the advertisement. They gave so many great answers! I can't wait to see how they will apply this to their own advertisement!

Lastly, I took the 5th and 6th grade to the art museum this week to check out some of the artworks in their permanent exhibit, as well as some of the artworks in the new traveling exhibit. I was so glad to see everyone having a great time!

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