Saturday, April 20, 2013

Singin' in the Art Room

We have had a great week in the art room, so great in fact that in almost every class someone erupted into song. I enjoyed a concert filled with everything from the Dora the Explorer theme song, to original compositions. One original song this week, in particular, brought a smile to my face...

If you mess up
that's okay!
Get your eraser 
hey, hey, hey!

With all the singing and good spirits, a lot of work was accomplished this week. Several grades, including the K4/K5, 1st, and 5th, finished their Art and Science related projects. I will be going to the art room this Tuesday to prepare for the upcoming Art Night (May 2!!!!), so I will be taking a lot of pictures of these artworks to share with you.

The K5 this week was treated with a surprise. After going to several pizza places around town, I was generously given enough pizza boxes for students to have one for their Texture Pizzas. Students were so excited! Their pizza was now "real". They were so proud that their hard work was going to be displayed this way. Not to mention, they look so awesome displayed in an actual box!

Before I include any more pictures in this post, I think that it is important to explain the meh quality of the pics. Last Friday, my camera decided that it would be fun to try free falling. Well, needless to say, my screen busted. Although my husband was able to fix it, I totally forgot to put my memory card back into my camera. So, these pictures are brought to you by my tablet, which I am still not use to taking pictures with.

Anyway, the 2nd grade is continuing to work on their poem illustrations. I really like how these are going so far.

The 5th grade just started a new project on landscapes. In the coming weeks, students are going to be creating three small watercolor landscapes about the different geographical regions of South Carolina. This week, they chose their regions and made some sketches.

The 6th grade project is going well, too. This week, students began the final version of their bone drawings. A lot of students came up with very interesting ideas, and many wanted to include flowers/plants like those they saw in O'Keeffe's paintings. The pictures below are from the artwork of one student, a before and after.

Most of the Art Club Bigs students are finally done creating all of their felt squares for their 8-bit quilts. Many of the students started working on assembling their quilts this week.

The Art Club Littles students are nearing completion on their mola artworks. I love all the colors and patterns they are using.

Again, I apologize for the meh quality pictures. I am able to report that my memory card is back in my camera and ready to go :)

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