Saturday, June 1, 2013

Party Week!!!

For my Friday students, this week was their last week of art for the school year. However, the lucky Thursday students still get to come one more time. Needless to say, this week was a little crazy. Many of the classes got the chance to have a free day, many choosing to do free draw while I passed back the remainder of their belongings I had held on to. However, this was not the case with everyone.

The 4th grade students are still working on their batiks. Due to missing art class last week, they still needed this week and next to finish up their artworks. All this work will be well worth it though. They are looking fantastic! I am very impressed by this entire process. If you have never created a gel glue batik, I highly recommend it!!! This week, the 4th grade took watered down acrylic paints (to make it look more like watercolor) and started painting their flags. Here are some pics of their progress.

The K4 students also worked hard this week. Last week we drew silly dancing flamingos and this week we colored them with, what else, bright pink highlighters!

This week was also Party Week! During art classes this year, students were able to earn points for good behavior. At the end of each class, we discussed how the class went and students decided how many points they thought they deserved. Students could earn points for...

1. Coming in quietly
2. Listening to instructions and raising hands
3. Working and speaking quietly during studio time
4. Cleaning up quickly, quietly, and thoroughly
5. Lining up and doing "The Check"

 As you can see, students could earn up to 5 points per class. This week the first, second, and third place winners were announced. They were...

1. 4th
2. 2nd
3. 3rd B

CONGRATS to these three grades! They earned a popsicle party with a movie :)

Speaking of movies, the Art Club parties were also this week. Students received a summer treat from me, we ate pizza, watermelon, and cookies, and watched a movie. A great way to celebrate all the great art and hard work from students this year!!!!

Next week will be the last week of school. I will make sure to post pics of what we will be doing in the art room. I will also let everyone know my blogging plans for the summer. I am already very excited about my plans not only for the summer, but also next year and cannot wait to share!!!  

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