Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Wonderful Week in the Neighborhood

Let me start of by saying that I love my job! I am so happy to be back at school, finished with my masters degree and able to focus on teaching!

Secondly, sorry for not posting this on Saturday. My mom, dad, and Nana came to visit. We did a lot of shopping and also got to go visit Folly Beach (one of my favorite places ever!) and Fort Sumter.

Our first week, although more business oriented, was a fun one. With all grades, K4-6th, we started by reading the book "The Museum" by Susan Verde (illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds). Such a good book! Additionally, it really lended itself well to the discussion we had about the projects that we will be working on this year. We also discussed the Artist Rules and my reward system commonly known in my room as "The Points".

I hate for students to not be able to create any art on the first day. I remember going to the first day of art in middle school and was so disappointed that we had to listen to rules the whole class period. The 1st-6th grade are creating a collaborative project based on the works of Dale Chihuly. Instead of using glass, we are using transparencies and Sharpies to create "swirls" that will be put together to create one large artwork. In a few weeks, it will displayed in the upstairs hallway. The pictures below are of students creating their swirl.

For all of you that missed it, Back to School Night was this past Tuesday. I took pics of my displays to share with you. 

This week, most students are reviewing the elements of art. However, the K4 and K5 will be starting their first projects. Can't wait to share! Look for my post on Saturday, I promise :)


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