Friday, September 6, 2013

I Got the Liebster Award!!!

Wow!!!!!! Mr. R, from My Messy Art Room, has selected me for a Liebster Award! I am so excited about this! I have been following blogs for years that have received this award in the past and never imagined that I would get it! Thanks Mr. R!!!!

So, what is a Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award has been passed on through the blogging community for many years. The term "liebster" in German means "kindest, dearest, or beloved". The point of the award is to point out up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers that are worth reading.

How do I participate in the Liebster Award?

There are several rules that I have to follow in order to accept and pass on this award. They are...
1. Thank the individual who selected me (Thanks again Mr. R!
2. Answer the questions posted by Mr. R
3. Share 11 random facts about me
4. Create 11 questions for the 5 blogs I select for the award
5. Contact my chosen blogs and let them know I selected them for the award

Questions from Mr. R

1.     If you could be something other than a teacher, what would it be? It would be one of two things. First, I would probably be a band director or play in an orchestra. I participated in everything band related in both middle and high school and play the clarinet, oboe, alto and tenor saxophone. Second choice would be a meteorologist. I have always been really interested in the weather.
2.     Favorite movie quotes of all time? Absolutely anything from “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (“Beagles love blueberries”, “That’s just weak songwriting. You wrote a bad song Petey!”, “If what I think is happening, IS happening…It better not be.”)
3.     Favorite childhood toy that I wish I still had today?  Since I couldn’t bring everything with me to South Carolina, I had to leave a lot of my favorite toys at home in Kentucky. One of my very favorites that I wish I had with me here is my big stuffed dinosaur. My Mema made him for me and I named him Blue (cause he is blue).
4.     If you could own any piece of art, who would it be by and what would it be? Why? Luckily for me, I own a print from my favorite artist, Charley Harper. However, if I could own any other artwork, it would be one of two artists. One would be any work by Monet. There is just something magical about his works, the colors, the way the brushstrokes show his quick movements. Secondly, I really like the photography of William Wegman. Dogs are my favorite animal and I remember being little and seeing his short skits on Sesame Street.
5.     Coke or Pepsi? Both…but when it comes to soda, I had rather have a Mt. Dew or Squirt. Drink of choice, though, is sweet tea.
6.     Yeast-based or cake donuts? Yeast-based! Cream filled and glazed with chocolate!
7.     If you could have any superpowers, what would they be and why? I would want to be like Storm from X-Men and be able to control the weather. Again, I am really interested in the weather and it doesn’t snow enough here in SC J
8.     Favorite Pixar movie? “Finding Nemo”! I want to go see P. Sherman of 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney 
9.     Night Owl or Early Riser? Neither. I like going to bed around 10 p.m. and if I wake up too early, nothing is better than taking little cat naps until around 10 a.m.
10.  If it were your last day on earth before going to colonize Mars, what would you want to do? First, that would never be me. I have never flown and don’t really enjoy the thought of it. However, if I were much braver, I would spend the day with my family in Kentucky going to all our favorite places or hanging around at my mom and dad’s going through photo albums and home videos.

11 random facts about me

1.     I have been married for 5 years to my high school sweetheart. We have been together for 11 years total.
2.     I have two mini dachshunds, Cash and June
3.     I love cheeseburgers, sushi, and fried crappie
4.     I am originally from western Kentucky
5.     Big fan of Hayao Miyazaki (especially “My Neighbor Totoro”), but Wes Anderson is my favorite movie director
6.     Love shopping for antiques and treasures
7.     I am currently learning how to play the ukulele
8.     I worry about things more than I probably should
9.     I really want to write and illustrate a picture book. I have always been a fan of picture books, especially Dr. Seuss
10.  I am a pretty pale person and sun burn fairly easily (got one this past weekend)
11.  I collect photographs of dogs. While I enjoy any of them, I prefer to look for black and white images. The older the better. I also love when the owner has written the dog’s name on the back of the photo.

Blogs I have selected

1. @ Meet the Creative Part of Me
2. Ms. Keller @
3. Mr. Hall @
4. Amy @

Question for my nominees

1.     When you were little, say 5 or so, what did you want to be when you grew up?
2.     Favorite animal? Why?
3.     If you could have dinner with any artist, who would it be and what would you eat?
4.     Do you have any pet peeves?
5.     What is your favorite Crayola crayon name?
6.     If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
7.     What are your all time favorite songs?
8.     What are four words that would describe you?
9.     What is your favorite item of clothing?
10.  If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself on your first day of teaching art?
11.  Chocolate or vanilla?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Chance. Thank you so much for giving me the Liebster Award. I'm happy and very proud. If you like you can read my answers to your questions here: (Meet the Creative Part of Me)

    Best regards

    Tatjana Knudsen