Friday, June 21, 2013

Art Camp 2013

This morning concluded Art Camp. We had a blast! Although I only had a few students that attended (all girls), it was really nice having such a small group. We were able to do a lot more than I originally had planned and all the girls really got to enjoy being with each other. Super super fun! I am really sad the week had to end. Like the girls, I probably would have done Art Camp all summer :)

Everyday of Art Camp, we read a book when we first arrived. The book acted as our inspiration and theme for each day. Needless to say, I took a ton of pictures of what we did. Below, you will find an explanation of what we did throughout the week, as well as a slide show with pictures of our activities and creations.

Monday our book was "Pinkerton, Behave!" by Steven Kellogg. After reading our book, we looked at numerous other examples of dogs in art, specifically looking at portraits of dogs. Afterward, we created our own dog portrait paintings. Since the book we read was all about Pinkerton the Great Dane attempting to respond to commands, we also played Art Simon Says.

Tuesday our book was "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. In the book, Vashti creates a dot "by not painting a dot". We did the same. After tracing a bowl creating a circle, the girls placed painters tape around it. Since their circle was now protected by the tape, the girls explored mixing and blending acrylic paints on the other areas of their canvas.
While our paintings were drying, I talked to them about Wassily Kandinsky and his circle paintings. Inspired by his artwork, the girls created layer after layer of circles on a piece of transparency with Sharpies creating an almost stained glass type artwork.
Tuesday, we also created CD spinners. After recently seeing these awesome inventions on Mini Matisse, I knew that we had to try them! We had sooo much fun spinning them and watching the colors all swirl together!

Wednesday our book was "Dragons Love Tacos" by Adam Rubin. I absolutely love this book! This is the second time I have used it for a project this year and could probably use it many, many more :) Anyway, the girls created an oil pastel resist of foods that they love. They drew the food first with pencil, traced it carefully with a black oil pastel, and then painted them with watercolors.
We also created what I called "texture cake" collages. I have a lot of different texture plates in my art room. The girls created several different texture rubbings with these plates. Afterward, they cut them into various layers and decorations for their cake.
This week has brought some really nice weather, so Wednesday I could not resist letting them go outside to play. We decided to break out the side walk chalk and make a few artworks outside the school.

Thursday our book was "Grandpa Green" by Lane Smith. After reading the book and talking about South Carolina topiary artist Pearl Fryar, the girls created topiary prints. They began by cutting a shape out of bubble wrap. They painted a thin layer of green tempera paint on the bubble side of the bubble wrap and printed it onto a piece of card stock. After it dried, they added details using colored pencils.
While our bubble wrap prints were drying, the girls created a still life on a round wooden plaque. They thought it was pretty cool not only drawing on the wood, but also creating an artwork on something that is round. I didn't realize it until they were talking with one another, but it seems in many art classes, even the ones that I have taken, you always seem to use rectangular paper. The change was refreshing! 
Recently, I took a trip to the local Botanical Gardens and learned about creating prints utilizing the natural dyes founds in plants. After exploring the school grounds gathering flower petals, leaves, and clovers, we came inside and printed them. To do that, the girls placed their plant onto a piece of watercolor paper, placed three pieces of paper towel on top and carefully hit it with a hammer to release the dyes. The process creates some really cool prints!

Today our book was "Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes" by Eric Litwin. After reading the book about this cool cat and his shoes, we created shoe charms. The girls created a ping pong size ball of Model Magic and carefully flattened it slightly on the bottom of their shoe. When they removed the clay, it left an imprint of the pattern on the bottom of their shoe. They painted them with acrylic paints and created a necklace to put the charm on using wooden beads and cord.
We also created cat sculptures today. The girls bent and twisted neon pipe cleaners to create the body of their cat and used a ping pong ball and paint pens to create the head. I helped them glue on the construction paper ears with hot glue.
Since we did a lot of art this week, the two tables we worked at were really dirty. In order to clean them and have a ton of fun while we did, the girls were able to make shaving cream art. I sprayed a TON of shaving cream ALL over the two tables. The girls had sooooo much fun spreading the shaving cream around and drawing pictures revealing the black table underneath.

I am so proud of all the work that was created this week! I had so much fun and cannot wait to do it again next year!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is Here!

Well, all the students finally made it...summer break. There were so many conversations about ice cream and vacations to the beach, not to mention sleeping in until at least 10 :)

Although we had a lot going on this week, including 6th grade graduation, an awards ceremony, and many end of the year parties, one class worked on some art this week. The 4th grade has been working so hard on their gel glue batiks and I am so glad to say that they are finished just in time and they look fantastic! I was so proud of the how the 4th grade really focused that last day of art in order to finish their projects up. Good job everybody!!! Here are their finished artworks...

Just because the school year has ended does not mean that art will not be taking place. Starting June 17, I will be having an art camp at school. I am really excited about what we will be doing and I will definitely share those ideas and artworks with you.

As for me, I will be going home to visit my family, I will be making art examples for upcoming projects, and I am also going to working on a picture book. Not going to give away the details, but it does include one of my dogs, Cash.

I will be posting throughout the summer. Although I am not sure if I will post every week, like I have throughout the school year, I do plan on posting somewhat regularly to keep everyone up to date and to give you some sneak peeks about what students will be up to during the 2013-14 school year.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic and relaxing summer break and I will see everyone in the fall!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Party Week!!!

For my Friday students, this week was their last week of art for the school year. However, the lucky Thursday students still get to come one more time. Needless to say, this week was a little crazy. Many of the classes got the chance to have a free day, many choosing to do free draw while I passed back the remainder of their belongings I had held on to. However, this was not the case with everyone.

The 4th grade students are still working on their batiks. Due to missing art class last week, they still needed this week and next to finish up their artworks. All this work will be well worth it though. They are looking fantastic! I am very impressed by this entire process. If you have never created a gel glue batik, I highly recommend it!!! This week, the 4th grade took watered down acrylic paints (to make it look more like watercolor) and started painting their flags. Here are some pics of their progress.

The K4 students also worked hard this week. Last week we drew silly dancing flamingos and this week we colored them with, what else, bright pink highlighters!

This week was also Party Week! During art classes this year, students were able to earn points for good behavior. At the end of each class, we discussed how the class went and students decided how many points they thought they deserved. Students could earn points for...

1. Coming in quietly
2. Listening to instructions and raising hands
3. Working and speaking quietly during studio time
4. Cleaning up quickly, quietly, and thoroughly
5. Lining up and doing "The Check"

 As you can see, students could earn up to 5 points per class. This week the first, second, and third place winners were announced. They were...

1. 4th
2. 2nd
3. 3rd B

CONGRATS to these three grades! They earned a popsicle party with a movie :)

Speaking of movies, the Art Club parties were also this week. Students received a summer treat from me, we ate pizza, watermelon, and cookies, and watched a movie. A great way to celebrate all the great art and hard work from students this year!!!!

Next week will be the last week of school. I will make sure to post pics of what we will be doing in the art room. I will also let everyone know my blogging plans for the summer. I am already very excited about my plans not only for the summer, but also next year and cannot wait to share!!!  

Finished Landscapes

5th grade students finished their watercolor landscapes of the 5 different regions of South Carolina this week. Sadly, due to it being the last day of art for this school year, some students did not get to complete all three of their mini landscapes. However, every student did create at least two. For it being their first time using watercolors, I think they have done a fabulous job! Congrats 5th!!!