Saturday, February 15, 2014

For Real?

I woke up on Monday morning to weather reports saying that we were in for a major ice storm. Really??? I could hardly believe it.

I went to school Tuesday where we had two very successful classes, 1st and 2nd. The 1st graders worked on coloring their American Realism drawings. After a short demonstration on using colored pencils, I asked the 1st graders to focus on coloring their drawing solidly and neatly. I believe they are off to a very good start! I love all the details they have incorporated, like "No Parking" signs and several different types of buildings!!

The 2nd grade is also off to a very good start. They began working on their "What would make you scream?" sculptures. Very funny and very creative!

However, as the 4th grade had just started working on the cherry blossom branches for their Ming Vases, our principal announced over the intercom that school would be dismissing early because of the winter weather. If you will remember from a post earlier in the year, I covered my window with faux stained glass. I was unable to see what was happening outside. As I went downstairs, it became obvious why school was dismissing...there was a heavy "winter mix" of sleet and snow. This "winter mix" lasted until all of the students had left the building and then it stopped.

Not much happened throughout the remained of the day, which was true to the weather forecast. The main weather system came around 2 AM. We were lucky. The original forecast called for all freezing rain and mass power outages. We got sleet. 4 inches of sleet. It was crazy. You could go out and scoop up a hand-full of sleet and it resembled clear Skittles.

The picture above was taken yesterday...when the roads finally cleared. We were out of school all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So needless to say, no art classes :(

I cannot believe the crazy weather we have been having lately. Snow two weeks ago that closed school for two days and ice this week that closed school for three and a half days! On top of that, we had a small earthquake last night. How weird this winter has been!!!! Thankfully, the temperatures have gotten much warmer and all of the ice and sleet has melted. I also believe that the temperatures are suppose to be in the 70's next week, much to my relief and both of my dogs' (they have both been slipping and sliding on all of the ice in the back yard!)

I do have one other update to share this week. We officially started work on the school wide mosaic! The 4th grade came in Monday before the start of all the wintery weather and started to fill in the child symbol. It looks fabulous!!! I cannot wait until it is complete next month!

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