Sunday, February 9, 2014

Posters, Painting, and Palissy Ware

Sorry I was unable to post like I normally do yesterday. Mr. Chance and I left Friday night to go to Atlanta to my sister's graduation. She now has her master's degree! Congrats to my sis!

We didn't return home until late last night, so needless to say, posting had to wait until this morning :)

Anyway, here's this week's update...

K4: Last week, students began creating glue resist paintings. We applied the glue last week, but had to wait until this week to paint. I gave students the option of using two of the primary colors. Students were allowed to paint their canvas in any way they wanted. I wanted them to explore how the colors mix and to practice using and holding the paintbrush properly. By applying the paint to not only the canvas, but also directly on top of the glue, it allowed the glue to release itself from the canvas. Once the paint had dried several hours later, I was able to peel the dried glue off to reveal the nice white canvas underneath. I really love how these have turned out! They remind me a lot of Jackson Pollock paintings. In fact, I am planning on teaching the K4 about him next week and comparing their artworks to Pollock's.

Just for a little clarification...the first two images are the entire artworks and the bottom image is a close-up. I wanted to share all the cool little cracks and grooves. 

 K5: We are almost ready to assemble our still life artworks! This week, we created the last component...the background. Can't wait to put everything together next week!

1st-6th: Because the Art Fair was cancelled due to the snow, I wanted students to still be able to share their hard work and creativity with their classmates. Additionally, I was interested in the choices that they made, especially why they chose their artwork. So, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday discussing the Art Fair displays. I am so glad that we had a day to do this. Students and I really learned a lot! I heard many really cool stories and was proud to hear such great opinions! Great job everyone!

Art Club: We started our Palissy Ware artworks. After a fantastic discussion last week, students were ready to start sculpting their great ideas. They really considered many different aspects of the animal that they chose including its habitat and the relationship their animal has with other animals in their environment.

The two different groups will have slightly different artworks. The younger group is using "Model Magic" and larger platters, while the older group is using polymer clay and smaller platters. Here's how they are looking so far...

Some additional things to share with you...

1. This week started the new school wide mosaic project. The art teacher from the high school, Mrs. Allen, will be coming to our school several days this month to work with every student on creating the mosaic! I am really excited about this! I love how we are using the school's logo and how each student will get to play a special part in the creation of this artwork!

2. This is just cool. Mr. Chance is a chemist. I spend a lot of time at his lab while he works in the evening. I was there the other night removing the glue from the K4 resist projects. As I was peeling glue, I noticed that the paint had dried in a really interesting way on top of the glue, especially the orange for some reason. Well, I wanted to get a better look at it so I put a small piece under the microscope. Neato!!!

Things will hopefully go back to normal next week. Everyone should be resuming their current projects. Additionally, we will be beginning to put the first pieces on our mosaic!

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