Saturday, March 1, 2014

Post #100 HOORAY

Wow! 100 posts already! I can't believe all of the things that we have done over the last couple of years. I really enjoy blogging and am super glad that I started mine. Not only has it been a way for me to remember all of the wonderful artworks that students have created and accomplishments we have achieved, but it has allowed me to share everything that goes on with parents, members of our community and everyone out there in the world. I have appreciated all of the wonderful comments over the years and look forward to hundreds of more posts in the future!

This week was a relatively normal week and students were able to accomplish a lot. With that said, on to this week's update...

K4: With the completion of our glue resist paintings last week (see post below for pictures!), we started a new project this week. I introduced students to the work of artist Wayne Thiebaud. I love his creamy his pastries actually look, the bright colors of the candies, and the overlapping delicious compositions! After showing students a number of his paintings, I shared with students two of his paintings of gumball machines and told students that we would be creating our own gumball machines. To begin this process, students used a cork and tempera paint to stamp neat, round circles to make "gumballs".

K5: Students in K5 have also recently finished a project (look at the posts below for their still life artworks). Since our self-critique session went so well a couple of months ago, I decided for students to work on another one. I am so proud of how honest students are with their critiques! Great job everyone!

1st: We are still working hard on coloring our American Realism drawings. As I have been telling students "slow and steady wins the race!"

2nd: This week was a little crazy for the second grade students. Due to two fire drills, we were only left with about 10 minutes to work...not enough time for painting. So instead of just wasting time or playing a game, I asked students to critique each others work in pairs. Students were very helpful to one another and offered a lot of good suggestions. With their new game plans, students are ready to begin painting again next week.

3rd: Last week, students began their Impressionistic landscapes by laying down their base layer of paint using their fingers. YAY for finger painting! This week, many students were able to finish their base layer and began layering different colors on their landscapes giving it the impression of a certain time of day. I am very excited about these! The colors are so bright and I am proud of how fearless students have been about layering and adding colors to their artworks that they would normally not consider.

4th: Students are almost finished with their Ming Vase artworks. They look so good! I can't wait to share the finished works next week!!!

5th: We finally started our collagraphs!!! We had to do some changes to this project because of the number of days that we missed, so the collagraph portion of this project has now been updated to the background. Students were able to choose any design they liked. We will be using Styrofoam next week, to add the cat design we created earlier before all of the snow and ice.

6th: Students are continuing work on their weather vanes. Beginning next week, most students will be moving on to the next step...painting!

Art Club: Members of Art Club are still working on their Palissy Ware. Not much has changed from last week to this week. Most of the younger students have began painting their sculptures, while many of the older students are still sculpting.

Mosaic News: I cannot believe how much we have gotten done. It amazes me every time I look at it! It seems like we just started it and now we may only need two more days until it is finished!

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