Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wow! That's A Lot!

Yes...that is a lot of art! I felt extremely pleased with not only how much art was created this week, but also with the quality of the art. Students are so excited about showing their work off in a couple of weeks at our Art Show. I'm going to go ahead and say now, that I am a very happy and proud art teacher!

K4:  In order for a couple of students to catch up from being absent, I skipped to a upcoming step in our project. As you might have read in previous posts, we are working on creating clay Very Hungry Caterpillar sculptures. Last week, students were able to paint their beads to reflect the iconic greens of the caterpillar. I was planning on putting our sculptures together this week, but it really wasn't fair for the three students that did not receive the opportunity to paint their beads last week. So, what ended up happening was those three students painted their beads to prepare for next week, and the other students create "plates" of food for our "very hungry" caterpillars to eat. Several different types of food were drawn, including cookies, suckers and candy, and Swiss cheese.

K5: Many students are finishing up their Rainbow Zebras. This week students added the hair to their zebra's mane. It was so interesting to see how just a little bit of yarn gave these artworks so much personally! 

1st: I have been promising it for a couple of weeks now...the big Cubism transformation! After students finished coloring their background, they began carefully cutting their artwork into geometric sections and arranging them onto a piece of 12 x 18" construction paper. They are looking so cool...almost like a mini mosaic!

2nd: After creating our fabulous Hundertwasser houses last week, we started on creating the background this week. Hundertwasser is known for using bright, bold, fun color in his artworks, so what better background than a piece of painted paper? Students were allowed to choose any three colors and worked on creating areas where these colors blended on their paper. The results are gorgeous! 

3rd: Students continued work on their Kandinsky Circle assemblages this week. I love how these are turning out! By the way, I shared last week that I was debating on hanging these individually at the upcoming Art Show or hanging them as a group....I totally decided to hang them as a group. They look so cool together :)

4th: Students added the fictional elements to their photographs. They had so much fun doing this and were so eager to share their ideas and creations with one another. In fact, I am planning on taking a few minutes of class next week to allow them to share with each other. They are so proud of what they have created! Also, pardon my hand being in all of the pictures. It is difficult to take a picture of glossy 5 x 7" photos without glare.

5th: This week was the final week of printmaking. Students finished up both their collagraphs and relief prints. I will be taking pictures of the three "best" prints that they choose to turn in to share with you next week.

6th: Sadly, I will not get to see the sixth grade students next week  because of their trip to Washington D.C. However, before they left for the weekend to prepare for their awesome trip, they did some great work on their Fauvism inspired Palmetto Trees. Please remember that these artworks will be for sale at the Art Show on May 8th. All proceeds will go to help pay for both the Washington D.C. trip and graduation. I am hoping that once students return from their trip and spring break, that I can post a preview of the finished artworks before our Art Show. For now though, here is how they are coming along...

Art Club: The younger students finished their Paul Wackers inspired tapestries this week. Look for pictures later today! Super cool! The older students are still hard at work on theirs. I am thinking that it may take a couple more weeks for theirs to be complete, but here's how they look so far....

Mosaic News: I am soooo happy to announce that the mosaic is now complete!!! We placed the last piece of glass on it Friday afternoon. After break, Mrs. Allen will be coming in to grout it. I cannot wait for it to be installed!!!!

Next  week, I will only be seeing the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades on Tuesday due to our school retreat on Wednesday and the start of spring break on Thursday. It will be a short post, but definitely one worth checking out. I will be posting my update, hopefully, on Saturday next week, but it is very possible that it could be Sunday. I promise though, there will be an update :)

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