Saturday, August 9, 2014

Starting a New Year in a New Place

Well, summer has come to an end and the school year is quickly approaching. Monday morning, I will be waking up, getting ready and starting the school year here in Tennessee. I have to say that I am extremely excited! This past week, I have been really busy preparing for the kiddos to come in...decorating and organizing my classroom, printing out unit plans, and preparing notebooks for assessments. Everything is good to go and I can't wait :)

I have to apologize for not posting this summer. Mr. Chance and I moved into our new house a little over a week ago, just days before teachers were to report to school. Needless to say, I have been busy. Since getting things a little more settled this week, I am ready to start posting updates weekly once more.

Sadly, I have no pictures to share today. I had taken a few pictures of my classroom this past week with my phone and none of them really turned out that well. It was one of those, "It looks way better in person" situations.  I intend on taking my Cannon with me this week so I can share with you what students will be seeing when they come in. I will also be giving everyone a preview of what we will be creating this year. I am extremely excited about what is to come!

Hoping this year will be the most creative so far!!!

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