Saturday, June 28, 2014

The BIG Announcement

Summer has officially started for me, although it hasn't really felt like it. Mr. Chance and I have been incredibly busy since school let out on June 6th. Why? We are moving!

It is strange, really. I knew that we would probably only be in South Carolina until Mr. Chance finished his Ph.D., but when the time came to tell my principal I would not be coming back, it was sooooo difficult and weird. I have REALLY enjoyed my time in South Carolina and loved teaching at my old school! I will deeply miss my students and the staff who became my friends, not to mention my super supportive parents!

However, with the sad news comes some incredibly happy and exciting news! I will be teaching at my new school in Oak Ridge, Tennessee!!! My new students are in grades K-4 :) I went this past week to check things out in my classroom and I cannot wait to get things started!!! I am already working on new lessons/units, as well as considering how my classroom will be decorated.

Because I have so much to do to prepare for the upcoming school year, as well as moving into a new home, my posts may be a little sparse. I fully intended on keeping my blog going and will pick things back up to weekly postings once school begins in early August. Until then, I will try to update everyone on how things are going, as well as sharing a few previews of what to expect for next year in the next few weeks.

Good Bye SC and Hello TN

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