Sunday, October 12, 2014

Make Way for Finished Artworks

As the title of this post implies, this week was a finishing week. Most students came to the Art Room during the past several days to add finishing touches to their creations, as well as completing their first self-critiques and checklists. With the completion of all three components to our projects, we are now officially ready to begin our 2nd projects when we return from Fall Break!

I let all students in 2nd-4th grade know that my current plan is to photograph their artworks in the next few days and by the end of the week, post them for everyone to see. Please make sure to check back next weekend to see all of our wonderful works!

As for my update this week, it will be a little short since only the Kindergarten students and 1st were working on their 2nd projects. Here is what they were up to...

Kindergarten: Students began the second step of creating their paper "Line Carpets". After drawing bold, dark lines during our previous class, students spent this week creating a crayon resist. Based on the incompatibility of water and oil, when watercolor is applied over the heavily and darkly colored crayon, the wax in the crayon repels the watercolor, which instead adheres to the surface of the paper. To students, as well as honestly myself, it is magic! It is so fun to watch the watercolor bead up and roll off of the crayon! In addition, this fun technique allowed students to begin practicing proper and safe painting habits.

1st: With all of the once manilla-folders painted and dried, students used this week to add details to their backgrounds using a white crayon. Before students began, we discussed the importance of backgrounds, looking at several art examples to fuel our thoughts. In addition, students were asked to use their brain power to think about their design before their crayons were given to them. With plenty of inspiration, students created some awesome designs and ideas!

In addition to drawing our backgrounds, students began gathering materials to create their Ernest Lee inspired chickens after Fall Break. Students were able to choose the paper to create their beak, comb, wattle and feet, as well as feathers! Students will be choosing the fabric that will become their chicken's body and will be starting to assemble their chicken in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to see how these turn out!!!!!!

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