Sunday, October 5, 2014

Twas the Week Before Fall Break...

You can feel it in the air...the excitement for Fall Break. Students have been busily discussing where they will be going, what they will be doing and who they will be seeing. Many drawings have been created influenced by the excitement of our upcoming week off.

Yet, there are other reasons in the Art room for all of the excitement. Two grades have now completed their first project! You can see all of their wonderful artworks in the posts below. Three other grades are putting the last details on their artworks this week and will start working on their self-critiques. They will be starting their new projects when we return from break! I am proud of the work that students have done so far. I was happy to read some of their self-critiques this week and notice several great observations, as well as goals students have developed for our upcoming projects. They are really beginning to think "Art Smart"!

With that being said, here is this week's update...

Kindergarten: Students spent this past week learning about textiles. Students learned that textiles are not only all around us, but are important to our lives. Textiles are considered functional art, or art that can be used in everyday life, such as blankets, clothing, or rugs. After discussing textiles, students drew large lines on a 12x18" piece of construction paper. Students will be using this paper to create a faux carpets, complete with fringed edges!

1st: As discussed last week, students began a new project based on South Carolina artist, Ernest Lee (aka the Chicken Man). Since students will be creating a mixed media artwork using things like fabric, feathers, and scrapbook paper, construction paper would be too flimsy to use for their background. So instead, we are using pieces of manilla file folder. This week, we prepped our folders for decorating by painting them solidly with black tempera paint. It also made a great opportunity for students to practice basic painting techniques, such as using smooth, even brushstrokes and making sure that all of the paintbrush bristles stayed neat and flat (aka "Have a good hair day!")

2nd-4th: Students in grades 2nd-4th are all finishing their first projects this week. A majority of these students have actually already completed their artworks, but we will be double checking our creations, adding any final details this week. This will also be a time for students to complete self-critiques, check lists, and writing prompts.

During Fall Break, I will be photographing all of the completed artworks and will be posting them to share with all of you. Please make sure to check periodically during the week to see these finished artworks, as I will be adding them one grade at a time.

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