Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back from Break

Well, I am back from Kentucky and things are back in business in the Art room. Many of the grades are getting very close to finishing their projects. I cannot wait to share them with everyone! The kids are begging to take them home to hang up on their own wall. Here are just a few examples...

The third grade has just completed their Tangram Collage project. Hopefully, I will be able to pictures of those today and post them later this weekend.

As promised previous to the Thanksgiving break, I will be sharing with you what the 6th grade has been working on lately. I am very excited about this project! On the first day, we discussed the careers of architects and interior designers. Students talked about their own houses and how they thought they were designed, built, and decorated.
For their project, students had to develop and create the idea for their own "dream house" and by dream house, I mean be creative as possible. Some students have rooms devoted to their favorite cartoon, several students have swimming pool rooms, and of course an art studio :) They began by just drawing the floor plan with no furniture. Yesterday, students laid a piece of transparency over their drawing and started adding their furniture to their designs.

I cannot believe we will only have two more Art classes before we go to Christmas break! There's a lot of things to be done in a very short time, but with the new semester coming up, there are some very exciting things to look forward to! I am already planning for our spring art shows and several other special events. As we get closer, I will make sure to fill everyone in on the details!

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