Saturday, December 8, 2012

Painting all the way...

This week, the 1st grade began painting their Jasper Johns inspired artwork. 1st graders have really put a lot of effort in preparing for this project. We discussed different color families (warm/cool, primary/secondary, and complementary colors) and decided what colors we wanted to use for our artworks using our planning chart. 1st graders also practiced painting, making sure that their brush had a "good hair day". By the time we started painting this week, they were experts :)

For this project, I also decided to do something a little different. So I am able to help students who are painting more, I decided to split the group into two. While half of the 1st graders are working on the Jasper Johns project, the other half just started working on a fall self portrait project. To begin, they designed a sweater that displayed a pattern. I am hoping that in the spring we will be able to do another self portrait to see how they have changed throughout the year. Next week, the groups will switch, Group A starting the self portrait project and Group B beginning to paint their Jasper Johns project.

On a side note, one of the first graders, H.R., has been working on a cool and  interesting project during his free time in Art Club. Two weeks ago, he created a sleigh for Santa using only copy paper and glue. This past week, he created the reindeer. I can't wait until next week to see what he adds!

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