Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lots to Share!!!

Despite a few field trips this week and the growing excitement of the upcoming Christmas break, the Art room has been booming with work!

The K5 has been learning about the Element of Art, line. Students have created turtles and used a variety of lines to create the design on their turtle's shell. This week, students cut out their turtle, glued it to construction paper, and added a border displaying a pattern.

The 4th grade is still working hard on their radial name designs. Many of the students are close to completion. It has been wonderful to watch them create this artwork, surprised every time they notice how their name is creating a unique and interesting design :)

The 3rd grade recently finished their Tangram project, which they looked at the connections between art and math. This week, students started a new project where they are looking at the connection between art and science. Students learned that observation is important to both subjects, allowing the individual to learn about the object or thing they are viewing. We discussed how explorers, like Lewis and Clark, would observe wild life on their journeys and would record what they saw by drawing. Students in this observational project will be looking at photographs of their favorite animal in order to create a realistic depiction of their animal. This week, the students practiced sketching their animal, but after Christmas break, we will be creating this artwork with watercolors.

The K4 students had a ton of fun on Friday when they created String Paintings. Like the K5, the K4 students have also been learning about lines, so instead of painting lines with paintbrushes, I thought they would enjoy using pieces of yarn :)

Last but not least, the Art Club Littles members recently finished creating their collages (pictures coming soon!). I did not want to start a new project before we had a two week break, so instead we had a little Christmas fun by creating Christmas pictures and frames.

We will not have Art classes again until after Christmas break, more specifically January 3rd and 4th. I will hopefully be posting some additional finished projects in the next week. However, my husband and I will be heading back home to western Kentucky on Tuesday, so I may be unable to post. If that is the case, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and is able to enjoy time with family and get some much deserved rest!!!!!

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