Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art Updates!

I am happy to report that we were in the art room this week! We were all so happy to be back. These last few weeks have been horrible for me. I love teaching and I hate when we have to miss. Anyway, as promised, this week I have a lot of updates to share with you!

The K4 and K5 students are still working on their texture pizzas. I love how these are looking! This week, students used wrapping paper, craft foam, and ribbon to create peppers, mushrooms, and onions. When we come back from spring break, students will be decorating pizza boxes!

The 1st grade finished up their leaf observation drawings this week and are beginning to create the border around their artworks. Since their practice drawings looked so good, I decided to give them the option of including them in their final artwork.

The 2nd grade has completely finished their fictional animal sculptures and their habitat paintings. I will hopefully be taking pictures of them this week to show you. If not, I will have them for you after spring break.

The 3rd grade started not only the sketches for their Chinese Zodiac puppets, but they also started creating the head of their animal. Out of all the projects we have done this year, and frankly out of all the projects last year too, I think the 3rd grade has been the most excited about this one :) Their enthusiasm has really shown in the work they have done so far.

The 4th grade finished up their felt food sculptures a couple of weeks ago. Students are now working on advertisements for their food. This week, students took pictures of their food sculpture and created sketches of their future advertisement.

Half of the 5th grade finished their paleoart artworks this week. The other half just needs to complete the printmaking portion of the project and they will be done too. Below, is a mixture of the finished and unfinished artworks. I will have pictures of all the completed artworks after spring break.

The 6th grade did not have class this week. I am okay with that because they were in Washington D.C. :) I can't wait to ask them about their experiences!

The Art Club Bigs students are starting to cut out all of the square pieces for their 8-bit inspired quilts. Students were surprised by how much work actually goes into making a quilt. Considering this is the first time that they have worked on something like this, I think they are doing great!

Lastly, the Art Club Littles started working on their molas this week. I am so excited about this project! My grandma created a mola when I was young and I have always wanted to work on a mola project with my students. This week, students worked on creating their animal as well as the white detail. Students will be adding all of the color and details when we return from spring break.

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