Saturday, March 30, 2013

Idea and a Break

Thursday officially started our Easter Break. It is weird to think that I will not be back in my art room until April 11th! I have got plenty to do to fill the time though. I only have 5 more weeks and I will graduate will my master's degree. While that is terribly exciting I have 3 assignments, a final paper and two presentations to make before then.

On a much more pleasant note, this past week was my friend's daughter's 8th birthday. My husband and I decided to get her a doll house for her My Little Ponies to live in. Loving art as much as I do, I could not let those ponies live in an artless house. Hobby Lobby has some awesome miniature canvases right now with mini easels. I decided to get four of them. I painted two, one in the style of Piet Mondrian and the other in the style of Wayne Thiebaud, and gave her two as well.

The point of this story is, I am in love with these mini canvases! Next year, I am planning on teaching a variety of lessons on different artists. I am thinking that it may be cool to start the year off with the 4th, 5th and 6th grades by doing a masters study lesson. Each student would be picking a work of art they find interesting, studying and researching the artwork, and then finishing the lesson by creating a miniature work of art inspired by the original. I think it has potential :)

Since we are on Easter Break next week, I may not be posting until after we return from break. Hopefully I will be able to take a day next weekend to play as well. Hope everyone has a good break and I will be posting when we return! 

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