Saturday, March 9, 2013

Really Mrs. Chance???

As you saw from last week's post, we did not have art classes due to the conference. Well, this week we did have art classes, but I had to inform students that we will not have classes next week because I will be working on my comprehensive exams for my master's degree. I hated to tell them because we have been missing so many classes lately and because many of the grades started new projects this week. I miss being in my room teaching. C'est la vie. Hopefully our schedule will return to normal after spring break in a couple of weeks.

I mentioned last week that the 1st graders began a new project on plant observation. I was so impressed with their work last week, especially because this was the first time that many of the students had drawn from observation instead of imagination or memory. I brought several different kinds of leaves out of my yard to school and students chose one that they found interesting. They then carefully studied the leaf looking at its texture, shape, and color. Students started drawing their leaf this week and I am just as impressed as last week :)

I am happy to announce that the 2nd grade is almost finished with their fictional animal sculptures and painted habitats. Here are a few examples of the finished artworks.

The 3rd grade this week began a project they are super excited about! Students learned about Chinese New Year, in particular the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Students learned that the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, represent a year in a 12 year time cycle. This year is the year of the snake. In this project, students are exploring the relationship between art and literature. Among the many stories of the origins of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, one of the most popular tales is of a Great Race. The story says that the Jade Emperor called a meeting and as the animals arrived they earned a place in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. For this project, students will be choosing one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and will create a puppet of that animal. After the completion of their puppet, students will act out the story of the Great Race.

The 5th grade is still hard at work on their paleoart collage/prints. Most students have completed their collage and began printing their stamp design this week.

Lastly, the Art Club Littles started a new project this week. They learned about molas. Molas are fabric panels that are created traditionally by the Kuna women of Panama and Columbia in South America. These artworks can of course be used for decoration, but are also used for clothing and furniture. Students will be creating the own molas from felt in the coming weeks. This week, students chose their animal and began planning their design.


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