Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Short yet Busy Week

Although I only taught 4 classes and Art Club this week, this was probably one of the busiest weeks we have had all year. After starting out the week somewhat normally, Wednesday all of my classes were cancelled because of our school-wide music practice for the Spring Music Program. After another all day practice on Thursday, the music program was held at 7 that evening. I am always impressed by the work students do! Not only do students sing, but they play instruments and create rhythm through using movement and their body. Lastly, Friday was probably the busiest day this week...Field Day. Things went wonderfully again this year. Students were able to participate in 10 different events and had a fabulous time despite it being sooooooo HOT!!! I think it was around 95 degrees yesterday :(

Things are slowly starting to wrap up in the Art Room. Many students are starting to finish their final project of the year. In fact, next week is our final studio day and the last chance for students to finish things up before our last class of the year, which we will use to clean things up. I am hoping that I get the chance to take pictures of everything that the students are working on before they take it home! Everything is looking so good and their art really reflects how excited they are about the upcoming summer break :) Anyway, here's what we were up to this week....

K4: No class this week due to music practice

K5: No class this week due to music practice

1st: With our ocean backgrounds completed, students began drawing and coloring their "Best Artist in the Ocean" animal using oil pastel. We will be adding our animals to our backgrounds next week.

2nd: Students began drawing and coloring their "fancy fish" this week. After drawing them lightly with a pencil, students added color using colored pencils. Students were given four goals for this project...
a. To create a fish with fancy details/accessories
b. To use pattern somewhere on their artwork
c. To layer their colors in at least one area
d. To create a neat artwork that clearly reflects planning and good craftsmanship
I think things are looking good so far! Many students had just began coloring last week when it was time to clean up. As I stated above, students will have time next week to finish these artworks up before taking them home.

3rd: No class due to music practice

4th: With only two students needing to finish up their Op Art Cubes, most students spent Tuesday working on their "All About Me" hands. A few students were able to finish, but much like other classes, they will need another class period to complete their creations.

5th: I am happy to report that every student finished their design for their quilt square. They were able to not only draw it, but get it all colored in a class and a half. This took a lot of focus and determination on their part! With them putting in so much hard work, they will have an entire class period next week to work on sewing and embroidering techniques. 

6th: No class due to music practice

Art Club: With our party coming next week, this week was our last opportunity to work. The older students, just coming in from field day, spent their Art Club meeting this week relaxing and drawing summer inspired pictures that will be in the office during our break. The younger students finished up their ice cream sculptures by adding their toppings and "sauces" created from slightly watered-down acrylic paint. I LOVE how these have turned out! They are so cool and even somewhat realistic. I had several students ask me yesterday why I didn't have them in the freezer!

Only two more weeks to go until summer break, but still lots to do!  

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