Saturday, May 31, 2014

It Has Arrived

Summer is here! Well, almost... Although we still technically have one more week of school, summer break has arrived in the Art Room. All of the art has been returned, sketchbooks have been taken home, and our current projects have all come to a close. Even Art Club has finished up for the year. What are we doing next week then? Well, two classes are going to be having a "Points Party" (I will explain with pictures next week!), while the rest of us will be cleaning up.

I can't believe how well things have worked out over the last few weeks. I am always worried at the end of the year that students will not be able to finish their projects and they will have to take incomplete artworks home. Somehow though, every single student finished their projects up this week. Our schedule could not have worked out better! Below this post, I have posted finished projects from the K5, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and Art Club. For this update, I will be sharing what everyone else has been up to this week...

K4: We finished our Pool Noodle Monsters. This has been, by far, my favorite project I have done with the K4 this year. These monsters turned out soooo well and the students were so proud of their finished creations. Instead of photographing them individually, I decided to take a group picture :)

K5-3rd: See posts below...

4th: After finishing up our Op Art Cubes last week, many students spent Tuesday finishing up our "All About Me" hands. Here are a few that I did not share with you last week...

5th: See post below...

6th: Students spent their last day of Art with me celebrating. For their "Points Party" reward (again, I will explain next week), students and I played a game that I created. We have all created art, probably during our kindergarten years, where we place paper and paint in a small box and then roll a marble around inside to create a cool painting powered by motion. Well, that is what we did, but on a larger scale....with a kiddie pool and golf balls. Students took turns rolling a dice telling them what direction to turn the pool and working together, students twisted and turned the pool, allowing the golf balls to roll on the paper and paint to create awesome artworks. It wasn't until I arrived home last night that I realized that I did not take any pictures...way to go Mrs. Chance! I do have an example that Mr. Chance and I created, which I will post next week.

Art Club: As per tradition, the last day of Art Club each year is when we hold our annual party. The last few years, we have ate pizza and watched a movie. Instead of sticking to tradition, I decided to do something that I have been waiting a couple of years to try...Glow in the Dark Painting!!!! After eating our pizza, the lights were turned out, the black lights were turned on and students created some really cool paintings! It was an awesome experience...just something that you don't get to do every day! The kids had a blast and all agreed that it was way better than just watching a movie.

Now before I show you the pictures, a little disclaimer. The paint we used was not really glow in the was fluorescent. Sargent Art has a 6-pack of fluorescent tempera paint and it worked beautifully! Very bright colors, even with the lights on, it worked great under the black light and was totally easy to clean up. SUPER happy with it!!! You can find it here.

So as you have read, I definitely have things to share with you next week. I will also be sharing some sneak peeks of my plans for next year, as well as some of the things that I will be up to this summer! 


  1. I love your pool noodle monsters! Very cute! The kids must have had a blast!
    I love also your glow in the dark projects! Which brand of paint did you use? I made a project and even with the black light I was not totally satisfied.

    1. I am so happy you liked them! They were so much fun! The best part of the pool noodle monsters was how the kiddos played with them after they were finished. They imagined where they live, what they ate, who their friends were... It was great!

      I used Sargent Fluorescent Tempera. My room was large, so I also used two black lights instead of one. I was very happy with how it turned out and will definitely do it again in the future!