Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Almost Here

It's time for the ART SHOW!!!! This coming Thursday, May 8th is our 3rd annual Art Show! I cannot wait! This year's art looks soooo good all framed up :) I hope that everyone can come out and see it! Now, if you cannot come out and see this spectacular event, no worries. I will be posting pictures of it.

There's not a ton to share in terms of updates this week. Every class has been finishing up their projects. I have already posted all of the finished projects by K5-6th grades (see below this post). One thing to note is that you might notice the smaller amount of pictures posted for each grade level. I purposely did not post the artworks that will be shown in the Art Show. If you are looking for your child's work and do not see it, you can see it Thursday night :)

There are three things to update you on this week. First and foremost, the K4 caterpillars have finally taken shape. During class next week, we will be adding all of the finishing touches.

Secondly, the younger group of Art Club members started a new project this week...well, not the actual project, but an activity to practice for our project. We started by reading the book "The Day the Crayons Quit", by Drew Daywalt. We pretended, like the crayons in the book, that all of the art supplies had quit for the much hard work for them :) I told students that there was one little group of supplies that offered their help and instructed them to create a picture, a shape, and the first letter of the name using these supplies. It was a lot of fun! Students created much more than the three things I initially asked for. I was very happy with the results and feel that they are totally ready for our new project.

Lastly, the mosaic is FINISHED!!! Hooray! Mrs. Allen applied the grout on Thursday and it is almost ready to be installed!

Just because the Art Show is happening on Thursday does not mean that we are all finished creating art. Everyone will be starting new projects next week!

One last additional note, next weekend Mr. Chance will be graduating with his Ph.D. I will be unable to post next weekend, not only due to his graduation, but my family will also be in town for the event. I am going to try my best to post next Sunday evening, but if I am unable to, look for not only an update of our projects, but a recap of the Art Show on Monday!

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