Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Update for 2013-2014 School Year

Crazy! I cannot believe that summer is here. I cannot believe that Tuesday morning I will be in my bed asleep when I normally would be teaching. I cannot believe that I will not have to go to the store this week and worry about what to get for lunches. I cannot believe I won't get to hear about the happenings of my students and see them making awesome art. Needless to say, it really hasn't sunk in that summer has arrived.

So what did we do during the last week of school? Not a lot, sadly. I woke up Tuesday morning sick and was unable to go to school and help students clean the Art Room (they were not too sad that they missed out on cleaning!) Wednesday was filled with the 6th grade graduation ceremony, so no Art again. However on Thursday, the 3rd grade came into the Art Room and celebrated their good behavior throughout the year by having a Points Party.

Every day that students come into Art, the have the opportunity to earn 5 points as a class for good behavior. This is how it breaks down...
1. Coming in quietly and finding your seat quickly
2. Listening and raising their hand
3. Working respectfully
4. Cleaning up quickly and quietly
5. Getting in line by doing their "Check" (checking hands, feet, and mouth)

At the end of class, I discuss with students how they feel they did that day and we decide together how many points should be awarded for that class period and what we should work on during the next class. At the end of each school year (normally around mid-May), I count up all the points and the classes that have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most points get to participate in a Points Party.

Typically for a points party, I bring in some kind of edible treat (this year it was chocolate chip cookies). In the past, we have also watched a movie. However, this year I decided to do something a little different...a special and totally fun one-day project. For the 3rd grade, it was Shaving Cream Art!!!

Before students arrived, I taped off a rectangle at each student's spot.  I tried to make it a little larger than a 9 x 12" piece of paper. I used painter's tape because I not only wanted to be able to remove it quickly and easily, but also because it leaves no adhesive goo on my tables. 

After students arrived and I explained what we were doing, I went around and gave each student a generous pile of shaving cream (I used a can and a half for 16 students). I used good ol' original Barbasol. I feel that it stays fluffy for a long time. I have heard that some of the gel based shaving creams work well for this, but I try to stay with the good foamy stuff.

Students had a blast! I originally instructed them to create an even layer of shaving cream within their rectangle and then to draw an image with their fingers, but quickly let that go after students started creating sculptures. Not to mention, they had so much fun just experiencing touching the shaving cream, moving it around the surface of the table, squishing it in their hands... It was a ton of fun! (Also, it made the Art Room smell great for 2 days!)

Summer holds some big events for Mr. Chance and I. First and foremost, we will be going to Kentucky to visit our family! I am sooo excited! There are soooo many things that I want to do while we are there with them :)

I also have a big announcement about a big change for Mr. Chance and I. It involves the state of Tennessee. I am not going to give all the details yet, as some things are still in the works. I plan on hopefully posting our announcement in a couple of weeks, so please make sure to check back!

Well, since school has officially ended for the year, I will not be posting regularly again until around the end of July or the beginning of August. I do plan on posting every now and then to share what we are up to, about my curriculum plans for next year and to share any cool art with you that I can...and of course to share our big announcement!!!

I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful summer! Check back with me soon!

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