Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Few Weeks to Go

Summer is a double-edged sword. Summer brings students freedom from school and long days of fun. However, summer also brings about the end of art classes for a couple of months. You can see it in students' faces that they are excited about the upcoming break, but when I mentioned that we only have 1 or 2 more art classes left this year, their expressions automatically changed.

As some of you know, I am currently planning a Summer Art Camp during the break. It is currently planned for June 17-21. I will be sending info home this week with a few more details. I am really excited about it! With this camp, students will not have to wait so long to have art again! 

This week, I have really packed a lot of fun things in for students. I want students to have as much fun and do as much as possible in the art room all the way up until the last week of school.

The K4 students completed their 3rd and final printmaking technique this week. Students created apple prints. Students dipped apple halves into acrylic paint and printed them onto card stock. I allowed students to print their apples how they saw fit. It was really interesting to see how students created their prints and to compare all of the differences in the artworks.

The K5 students finished up their Pattern Dragon artworks. I have a few to share with you today, but I will be posting all of them next week.

The 2nd students have been working with colored pencils during the last couple of weeks. Recently while looking around on Pinterest, I saw this little doodle of big eyed fuzzy creatures. I am not sure who the original source was, but I loved these little critters and thought they would be perfect for the 2nd grade to create, especially since it involves layering colors with colored pencils. Here are some of their artworks.

The 3rd grade also did a short project this week. After talking about portraits, as well as discussing folk art, students created clothes pin dolls. Students created two dolls, a self-portrait and one of a friend or family member. It was amazing to see students create this project. They were so enthusiastic and after they finished them, students were creating games with their doll, or were even acting out the remainder of the school day with friends.

The 4th grade students are creating gel glue batiks. Last week, students created sketches of what we are calling a family flag. Students had to design a symbol that would represent some aspect of their family. This week, students lightly drew their design onto a piece of cloth and carefully outlined their drawing with gel glue. Next week, we will be adding the color.

The 6th grade created gelatin prints this week. To create their print, students began by applying an even layer of tempera paint onto their gelatin plate. Students then used a variety of materials, including bubble wrap, combs, and paintbrushes, to create a texture on their plate. They then carefully laid a piece of card stock onto their plate, rubbed it gently, and lifted it up to reveal the first layer of their print. For the second layer, students again applied an even layer of paint to their plate. Students then placed cut out images onto the plate creating a resist. Students then placed the paper with the first layer on top of their plate, rubbed again gently and lifted it up to reveal their final print.

A few additional students in the Art Club Bigs finished up their 8-bit quilt. Here are their creations.

Lastly, the Art Club Littles students began a fun summery project. To celebrate the end of the school year, they are creating flip flop paintings. This week, students drew and painted their flip flop. Next week we will be adding the details, as well as the background.

Don't forget, if you like the things that you are seeing here, we have calendars for sale in the office of student artworks. The calendar includes an artwork from every student and also includes important dates for next school year!

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