Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not Much Art This Week

This week, the art room did not see much action. Thursday, students participated in an all day practice for their spring music concert. Congrats everyone! It sounded great!!! Yesterday was field day. Students were outside until around 1:45 competing in various events. I was a judge for the balloon toss and the golf tee search. The weather was great and everyone had a fantastic time...well, except for the 6th grade teacher who got hit with water balloons before our awards ceremony :)

The K4 students had their own field day last month. Since field day activities did not start until 9:30, the K4 students got to have art class this week. For their last project of the year, I was trying to think of something fun, humorous, and just an overall happy project. I wanted it to reflect the kids' attitudes right now. They are so excited for summer!

After taking a trip to the zoo this week and seeing all the bright pink flamingos, I decided they would be the perfect subject matter for our last project. To make these flamingos even happier than they already are, I decided to have them dancing. Students drew their flamingos along with music notes and radios. We also read the book "Sylvie", by Jennifer Sattler. This book is all about a little pink flamingo who decided it might be interesting to be something other than pink. This is a really cute book. It reminded me a lot of Leo Lionni's "A Color of His Own".

Anyway, enough rambling from me :) Here are some pictures of their drawings. We will be coloring them next week!

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