Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Short Week

Where did the week go? When I opened my laptop to do this post I thought to myself, "What did we do?" This is what happens on a short week.

I developed a REALLY bad cold this past weekend.  I unfortunately had to miss school on Monday and my cold dragged out all week long. I am still sniffling today, although I feel a ton better. On Friday, I attended a training for Discovery Education at the high school and was unable to hold Art classes as well.

I apologize for not being able to post the finished pictures of the Kindergarten and 1st grade projects. With all of the crazy events of last week, I did not want to post rushed pictures. I worked this morning on taking pictures of everyone's wonderful finished creations, and am now carefully working to edit out names and faces. I am hoping to get those posted no later than Tuesday night.

Although we did have such a short week, a lot of wonderful things did happen! Check out all of the updates below...

Kindergarten: Students began a new project this week. Before starting our artwork, we spent this week working on exploring the Element of Art, line. When students arrived, we discuss lines (what are they, types, where they see lines). We also practiced creating lines by using pipe cleaners/chenille sticks. Students manipulated the pipe cleaners to create zig-zag, curly, wavy, and squiggly lines.

Students were also able to practice creating lines in our new centers. In this first new center, students were able to draw lines in sand using bamboo skewers.

For our second new center, students used magnetic "lines" (popsicle sticks) to create pictures, letters, and numbers.

The third new center involved a line we see every day...the road. Students were asked to draw roads and then were able to use toy cars to test out their designs.

The last new center involved weaving. Students were able to use plastic string to weave line designs into plastic canvas.

1st: Students in first grade also started a new project this week. Students learned about South Carolina artist Ernest Lee, better known as the Chicken Man. Students discussed the differences between chickens painted in his style vs. realistic paintings. We also discussed the Element of Art, texture. Students, during the next several weeks, will be creating mixed media chickens out of fabric, felt, paper scraps, feathers, and paint.

For our activity this week, students practiced creating their own Chicken Man inspired drawings.

2nd-4th: Students are beginning to finish up their artworks. As discussed with students, my goal is to have all artworks finished in two weeks. As students begin to finish up, they will start working on vocabulary review and self-critiques.

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