Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Pictures are Here

So if you read my post last week, I shared with you that my SD card reader is M.I.A. Well, it is still missing. However, I was not going to go one more week without sharing pictures of what students are up to, so another one has been purchased. Without further adieu, here is what we have been up to this past week....with pictures!!!!!!!!!

Kindergarten: As I shared last week, students have been creating an artwork inspired by the book "Mouse Paint". During our previous class, students created three miniature artworks that displays the effects of mixing primary colors. This week, students practiced good craftsmanship by carefully drawing and neatly coloring a mouse. Next week, we will be assembling all of the components of our "Mouse Paint" artworks.

In addition to working on projects each day, kindergarten students also have the opportunity to explore the Elements of Art in a variety of different ways. Because kindergarten has been given a full hour for art, we typically spend the first half hour of class working on our project and the second half exploring art centers. Our centers will change each time we start a new project.
For our centers this month, students are exploring color and craftsmanship. Students have the opportunity to work with sorting dominoes into different colors, using blocks to carefully build different structures, using color to help aid in solving puzzles, and drawing on the drawing boards to practice using good craftsmanship.

1st: For safety reasons, I will not be able to show the finished 1st grade artworks until I censor out students' faces. However, I will share with you that they have turned out really well. In fact, two of our 1st grade students' artworks are currently hanging at the School Administration Building! Way to go 1st grade :)

2nd: I am so excited with how these artworks are going! I knew after seeing Lina Cofan's work, in addition to several cacti projects that were floating around in the art education world this summer, I was certain this would be a perfect project for my students! They are having a blast with it! We have worked on overlapping objects, blending colors, and painting neatly. I can't wait to share the finished artworks with you! Until then, here's how they are currently looking...

3rd: As I explained last week, students are currently working on a still life drawing that depicts objects that represent each of the 5 senses. We started adding color this week with oil pastels. I am really enjoying watching students as they explore blending. They have been so excited about the many different possibilities that this medium holds. They are doing a fabulous job so far!

4th: I can't even begin to tell you how cool the 4th grade artworks are turning out! Students were asked to only use color and line to represent an emotion/feeling. See if you can guess what emotion these artworks are beginning to show...

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