Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Have Finished Artworks...WOW

I can't believe it, but we are almost finished with our first projects!!! Kindergarten and first grade finished this past week, while 2nd-4th grade students' works are starting to really come together and should be done very soon.

As these first few weeks have gone by, students and I have discussed the idea of good craftsmanship thoroughly. Students have been working hard to create artworks that are neat, creative, and clearly show that they have taken their time and put thought into every action. I believe that this concept is really starting to come through in their artworks. Every class, I see students that are carefully working and are really concentrating on their creations! Great job kiddos!!!

Well, enough gushing for today :) Here is this week's update...

Kindergarten: I am so pleased with how the kindergarten artworks look! Students did such a wonderful job creating their artworks based on the book "Mouse Paint"! This week, I will be taking pictures of the finished artworks to share with you. Check back throughout the week if you want to see some very cute and awesome artworks!!! For now, I thought I would share a couple of them with you....I can't resist!

1st: First grade students have also finished their first project. I hope to also take pictures of their self-portraits to share with you this week.

2nd: Students are continuing to paint their cacti still life inspired by the works of Lina Cofan. With most of their pots/vases and cacti painted last week, students started working on their background this week, in addition to blending colors in at least one area of their artwork.

3rd: Similar to the second grade, students are continuing to add color to their artworks. However, instead of painting like the second grade students, third grade is using oil pastels to create their 5 senses based still life. Most students have completely colored their artwork, so we have been working on blending the oil pastels to create a softer, more solid look.

4th: During the last couple of weeks, students have been working on a project where they were asked to express an emotion/feeling though the use of lines and color. For this project, students were not allowed to use a paintbrush. We have used objects such as pompoms, pipe cleaners, plastic lids, sponges, popsicle sticks, and paper towels to create our marks. This week, students added an additional layer by splatter and spray painting. Students, in groups of three, used toothbrushes and plastic spray bottles to add organic, random marks to their artworks. Students had to be extremely careful to censor their actions in order to not cover up the wonderful lines/marks created during our previous class.

Before ending this post today, I did want to remind everyone of Open House on Tuesday evening. Make sure to stop by the Art Room to see more of our awesome finished artworks! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

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