Sunday, September 7, 2014

An Unsolved Mystery

I am so bummed today. I took awesome pictures this past week to share with you, including classroom management items, as well as what we are working on!!! Why can I not share them with you? Well, since Mr. Chance and I are continuing to unpack from our move, my SD card reader has gone missing and the one that I can find does not work :(  I have searched my house high and low and the mystery of the missing card reader has still not been solved.

Hopefully, I will be able to find it this next week. If not I may be taking a trip to the store to get another one! I have so many things that I want everyone to see, not just hear about. However, as they say, the show must go on!!! Below is a list of what each class has been up to this past week....

K: Students have started learning about the primary colors during the past couple of weeks. We began by reading the book "Mouse Paint" and experimenting with color mixing through a variety of media including paint and oil pastels. This week, students began the creation of their first artwork by creating three mini drawings. Students used oil pastels to create an orange artwork, green artwork, and purple artwork created with red, yellow, and blue oil pastels. Coming up this week, students will assemble their mini artworks into one large composition, along with drawing a small mouse artist, just like the mice in "Mouse Paint"!

1st: After learning about UK artist Anthony Zinonos, students took photographic self-portraits or a picture of themselves. This week students imagined where or what they could possibly be doing by carefully studying their picture and how they have posed. After drawing creative and unique scenarios and backgrounds, students cut out their photographic self-portrait and placed their image onto their newly created environment.

2nd: Students have been learning about the works of Spanish artist Lina Cofan, whose works display ceramic cacti. After learning about the characteristics of still life and about the principle of design, pattern, students have started sketching their cacti still life. Students began by drawing their patterned pot or vase and then filled it with 3 or more cacti. Beginning this week, students will be exploring watercolor techniques, as well as the element of art, value.

3rd: After practicing creating a unique still life composition using objects located in the Art room, in addition to looking at the artworks of Australian artist Claudia Damichi, students began creating their own still life that reflects the 5 senses. Students, with the aid of a project planner, listed 5 objects that not only showed characteristics of objects traditionally used in a still life, but also could be used to show one of the 5 senses. After listing their objects and creating small-scale sketches, students began drawing their large final versions this past week. Students will begin adding color using oil pastels in the next few days.

4th: Students began their first project by discussing the art of Seattle artist, Dale Chihuly. In addition to analyzing his paintings, students watched a small video of Chihuly and his team blowing glass. For their own projects, students will be communicating an idea through painting and mark making. Using unconventional objects, students will be displaying an emotion through the marks they make and the color scheme they create. Students started their project this week by painting a solid, even base layer.

Again, I greatly apologize for the lack of photos. Even as we speak, Mr. Chance is trying to figure out the great mystery of the missing card reader. Hopefully this case will come to a close soon and I will be able to share with you the great work that everyone is accomplishing!!!

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